High memory usage for one library

I’m using Seafile 8.0.5 client on Linux (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS). I have several libraries and all together they total 15.4 GB (19,184 files). When I run seafile-applet, it uses only 36 MB of RAM. However, I have another library with 4.3 GB of storage usage. It has several nodejs repositories (which become quite large), however the majority of these are blocked by seafile-ignore.txt. On my local disk, this directory uses up 15.3 GB (813,530 files), however when I sync this directory, seaf-daemon uses 14 GB of RAM. The weird thing is that when I sync this directory on a different computer it uses significantly less (under 1 GB). What could be causing it to use so much memory on this computer? How can I lower the usage?