High power consumtion of seafile client on Linux

Hi all,

I am running seafile client on Arch Linux. I noticed that the idle power consumption of my PC is about 44 Watts when the seafile client is runnig and about 41 Watts, when I switch the client off. Is there any chance to make the seafile client more resource friendly? Or are there even any tweaks that I can do myself?
I have got 17 libraries with overall 400 GB size synced to a server in my local network. The client version is 6.1.3.

Thank you for your help!

Is there a library with frequent changes? Do you use a sync Intervall (likely leads to higher cpu usage)?

If you tell me where I can see the power consumption I could also test it with my device. I’m running fedora.

There are no changes in the libraries, they are all idling. The sync interval is 0 for all libraries, I did not change anything there. All the libraries are on local hard disks on the computer.
I measure the power consumption with an external device, a “Brennenstuhl PM 231 E”