History Settings and storage not freeing up

Hi all, I’m having a storage issue on our NAS where the Seafile data is stored. Our NAS is full and reporting 5TB or so being used. However when I look in the Seafile portal it only reports we’re using 600GB. So my question might be 2 part, but the only history settings I see list a number of days? How can I lets say keep the past 2 version of a file? How can I clear up space if I don’t know what exactly is using it? It seems that its all in the Seafile storage folder, but I can’t figure out exactly what it is and how to recover the space.

We’re using version 6.0 on a virtual linux server.

Hi Paul,

make sure you haven’t set unlimited history length and run the garbage collector [1]. If you have the community edition, you need to stop Seafile before running the gc. The pro edition supports garbage collection while the server is online as long as you don’t use SQLite.

  • Sven

[1] https://manual.seafile.com/maintain/seafile_gc.html

So it sounds like when we delete files, it still holds on to a ghost file? And the DC removes those and defrags the storage? Will this harm anything?

So is this the exact command I run? For the “test” run of the command?
seaf-gc.sh --dry-run [repo-id1] [repo-id2] …

And then the real run is:
seaf-gc.sh [repo-id1] [repo-id2] …

Can you tell me what repo-id1 is? and also what the “…” is for?

Execute this command: ./seaf-gc.sh --dry-run -t 20
it will be faster, -t = number of threads
./seaf-gc.sh --dry-run will scan all repo
To clear garbage execute this command: ./seaf-gc.sh

Depending on the size of the data the procedure can last a moment

I bet it will take some time then, theres a big size gap in between what I see in Seafile compared to the storage its taking on the NAS

I’m having trouble getting the server back up after running the GC. I rebooted and started services back up fine but sync or the webpage isn’t working.

I’m getting this error on boo of the Ubuntu VM

mountall disconnected from plymouth

I really need some help if someone can. I think the IP address changed for some reason. If I change it back to .26 what it was, then the server hangs up and I can’t do anything. If I change my DNS to point to its new address the seahub page don’t load I get the page unavailable message

GC cleaned up space, so the original problem is resolved. I just can’t get the server up now, I made another thread for that.