Hosting a Private Wiki with Seafile Pro

I am running Seafile 7.1.7 Pro as a company-internal file cloud, and would like to use it as an internal Wiki as well. Preferrably I’d like to use the Published Library feature, to get the same look-and-feel as the Seafile manual. The main problem here is this making the wiki publicly available, which I have to restrict to logged-in users.

I am aware of the column view, which provides a similar experience in the internal area.

This however has the disadvantage that links between wiki pages don’t seem to work: Linking to a directory works just fine, but linking to a specific file leads to a sad Folder does not exist.

Is there a way to

a) restrict access to a published library/wiki? (preferred)
b) make inter-page links work in the internal column view? (appreciated)

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Hi Lasse, welcome to the Seafile Community Forum!

According to the Seafile Roadmap (, the wiki features will get some additional customization options with Seafile 8.0. This new major release is slated for later this year.

I’d say: Have a look at the beta of Seafile 8.0 in a few weeks and make your decision then.

bump this from last year as I need this feature as well.

Any news on this topic?

I also need the same feature asap.

The wiki features were removed from the roadmap: Roadmap - Seafile

The wiki is a little used function. May be the reason.