How does indexing work?

I’m trying to set up a web interface to search / view files on my CentOS server, and currently looking at different possible solutions.

One of the folders in particular will have tens of thousands of text files, which would need to be indexed for faster searching. The only problem is that most solutions require a full re-index of the folder every time, which is not practical in this case.

The files are also being added through the server, not through the web interface, so being able to watch for new files and automatically index them (or have a timed scan/index) would be necessary.

Does Seafile have the ability to do this?

You can try it with a few files. If it works I think it’ll also work with many files.

I should clarify that I don’t need to index the file contents, just the names.

Seafile currently either indexes everything or nothing (and only in the Pro edition).

Ok, thanks for the info