How long should it take Seafile client to notice a change and upload i?

So, I tell Seafile to backup/sync my “Documents” folder.
I add a new file in my “Documents” folder.
Seafile does nothing.
Now, I have not waited very long, maybe 10 min, but pretty much every software I have found does it pretty much in real time… Did I set something wrong?

Turns out " Last Access" doesn’t seem to mean what I think it means… If Last Access isn’t the last time files were accessed/uploaded, what is “Last Access” then?


the synchronization should be real-time.

Is “Documents” folder in a synchronized state and can you view errors when you show file sync errors from client?

It does appear to be in real time. The issue was I seemed to misunderstand the wording. When I looked on the accounts page, I was told the “Last Access” was a week ago. I assumed “Last access” was the last time the account was accessed as it was on the “Accounts screen.” And since an account needs to be accessed in order to transfer a file, I assumed that is what it meant. Turns out “Last Access” has some totally different meaning that I yet still don’t know what it means… Not that is matters, as the account is in fact syncing real time.