How much memory is included in 9 user Pro account?

We are ready to sign up for the 9 user pro account but I cannot find how much data storage we get for our online server?

Zero byte!

The 9 user pro is a software license for self hosting environments, see:

You can find hosting providers on the Partners page, see:

I’m a little confused… we have the free account now and we have files stored in the cloud… how can the paid pro version have less functionality than the free one?

In any case, this is what I am looking for - what is the lowest cost solution for this with seafile: These are our situations and desires:

  1. Less than 10 users (4 right now)
  2. Want Seafile set up as a drive on my computer
  3. Ability to have all or some of the cloud server files resident in that drive letter OFFLINE on my computer so I can work on files OFFLINE.
  4. Auto sync when I connect to the cloud server online.
  5. 50-100GB of storage space in the cloud server (or more) so we don’t worry about running out of space – can store lots of product photos online.
  6. Ability to give restricted access to users – e.g. CAD guy can only access the CAD file folder, only the bookkeeper and GM can access the accounting files, etc.
  7. Ability to give temporary access to a customer to a set folder of photos – password expires in set time, can view but not download, upload or modify files.
  8. Low cost as possible.
  9. Best if the server is located in China for speed and not being blocked. Our factory and most customers are in China.

You have to differentiate between the Seafile software licence (free and pro) for self-hosting and the offers of service providers who offer cloud storage based on Seafile pro.

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