How to add an organization specific logo?

Hello everyone !

The Seafile Changelog says “[multi-tenancy] Support org admin to changing logo for each organization” since professional version 10.0.2 beta.
We use an up to date 10.0.9 pro version and I can’t find any sign of this feature in Seahub and nothing more in the manual.
Does anyone knows how to do so ?

Login as organization admin. You can change the logo in the organization admin page.

Hello Jonathan,

And thank you for answering.
I must be blind… but I honestly don’t see anything to customize the logo.
We are using version 10.0.9 :
Capture d'écran 2023-10-09 114221

I am connected as organization admin :

In the organization admin page I don’t see any possibility to change the logo… and is true in any section of the administration…

What am I missing ?

Does anyone else experiments the same problem ?

Hello, you should add the following configuration to first and don’t forget to restart Seafile.


And thanks @lian, that’s actually much better.
I can set a new logo and upload it properly.
However it doesn’t seem to be found by seahub :frowning_face:
Only “logo” appears in the seahub portal.
When I inspect the element, I have something like this : media/avatars/org-logo/289/79e06bfd-3e52-4600-8e5f-885400f62c32.png.
If I try to open it in a new tab (with the leading portal address) it lead to a 404 page.
Does anyone got it to work so far or is it a nginx configuration problem ?

The default logo works fine and the users avatars as well.

Hello, you can test it on

Organization Admin
password: lian-org

You can also send your nginx configuration file here to see if there are any configuration issues.

Thanks again @lian.
It works fine in your environment. You can close it :slight_smile:

Apparently the logos are stored within the database in our environment.
Is this supported ?
Within the target path if we change media with image-view, it works fine.
instead of
Any configuration to modify ?

This might be a bug, and we will try to reproduce and fix it.

Otherwise, we can add this within the nginx configuration :
location /media/avatars {

And it works !

Yes, if you add the following configuration to, your avatar and logo images will be stored in the database.

AVATAR_FILE_STORAGE = 'seahub.base.database_storage.DatabaseStorage'

Glad to hear that.

AVATAR_FILE_STORAGE = 'seahub.base.database_storage.DatabaseStorage'

That was already in our configuration file :wink:
Which probably means that the logos are not totally handled like the avatars.

Until further solution we will stick to the nginx trick to make it work !


Do you know when this bug will be fixed?
We have the same problem.

Hello Dav,

And welcome to the Seafile Forum !
For the time being we found a solution adding this to our nginx configuration :

location /media/avatars {

We are waiting for a better way to do it from the Seafile team :wink: