How to create new users?

Hi @ all,

I’m using seafile community version some years only as private backup.
Now I want to give my old fellows the possibility to up-/download our photos from last party :wink:
I want to create an new library with one username/password for they all. But I can’t create a new user, only a group.I can’t add a new user to the group (user not found).
I don’t want to create upload-/download-Links.

Version is 6.2.0 beta (updated this day in hope of new features…).

I’m sure I overlook something. Any tips?

Many thanks


Users can be created via:

When you create users an initial password will be defined by you and must be changed by the new user on their first login.
If you have Mail configured it also sends out an Email to the given address.

Once the User is created you can add them to your party group and share a library with the group then everyone should see it :wink:


thanks, but I get the error “sorry, this site was not found”

Maybe some new url rewrites? I’ve only run the update scripts from 6.0 to 6.2

have you replaced the example-domain with yours?
If you upgraded from 6.0 you need to replace fcgi with uwsgi.

  1. yes of course :wink:
  2. ah ok. I’ve read something about in the update notices, but my server is running without that. So I thought it’s not so important. I’ll have a look at this.

Maybe it helps if you forward a screenshot how it appears for you in the browser.

Here you can find the changes for the config: