How to edit the path of a library?

Hello everyone

Summary: I have on a laptop a dev-pro library which I synchronize with my server. The path is wrong:


Is there a way to edit this path?


First, how this happened. I was moving from Dropbox to Seafile and copied my dev-pro folder to D:\Seafile\dev. Then, by mistake, I copied it again at some point - without realizing it. This another copy went to D:\Seafile\dev\dev-pro\dev-pro.

I pointed my library, unfortunately, to D:\Seafile\dev\dev-pro\dev-pro and did an initial synchronization.

But the work I was doing form that point on was saved in D:\Seafile\dev\dev-pro\

Some time after, I discovered the subfolder dev-pro in the existing one and after some checks removed it. Again, all my work is in D:\Seafile\dev\dev-pro\ and it is fine there.

Today I opened for some reason the client on my laptop, to discover what is in the screenshot above: that I was actually not synching because the synch directory does not exist.

My question: Is there a a way to edit the path in the existing library? Or should I rather remove it and recreate, pointing to the correct directory?

Unsync and sync with an existing folder

Be careful if the contents divided too much.

Thank you - it solved the issue.