How to enable polling (sync interval) in seaf-cli?

I use seafile-cli on an Ubuntu Server. The folder to be synced is attached via NFS to the machine. The kernel does not send inotify events when files change in the folder. Now I would like to configure seafile to do polling. I know that there is an option for the GUI version, but how do I set it on the CLI version?

You can’t do that in the current builds of seaf-cli afaik.

However if you’re interested, this is how the desktop client does it:

You could implement a subcommand similar to config (config-repo) that calls SeafileRpcClient.set_repo_property instead, you’ll need ask the user for the repo id (or resolve the id from a path)

you’d do this by calling seaf-cli config-repo <library-id> sync-interval <value-in-seconds>

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Thanks a lot!