How to force updating the cache ? - seadrive 3.0.6 on Win10

In seadrive parameters, Time to clean up the cache is set to 5min.
however, some files are updated on our server CE (9.0.4) but seadrive doesn’t see them.
How to force the cache to be updated ?

Hello @DavidV ,files updated on the server will be synced to seadrive after a period of time. if your local cache does not match the server, then it may be that the synchronization was not successful. Does seadrive show synchronization errors?

none, that’s why it’s strange …

Hello, you can try to free up space for the non-updated file and then download the file again. Also can you upload the file normally through the client?

hi @feiniks,
Everything is fine with the website.
Ok. Found a solution on Mac Client. Right clic on “My libraries” and select “Don’t Synchronise” and then “Synchronise”. it force a manual resynchronisation.
I have to test this on Win10

On Win10, it’s not the same menu and a little bit confusing.
I got it when you said “free up space” @feiniks .
I did that and it seems to work.
There is also an item “resynchronise” below the delete item in the account menu. Only on Windows.