How to have download link that is more than 1 hour

I am using the seafile API to generate download links for images to display this image in my web app.
To do this a put the upload link of the image in a tag.
This works but only for an hour.
Can I make the download links eternal?
Or is there another way of displaying images and pdfs on my web app?

You can append ?dl=1 oder?raw=1 to share links and embedding the share link that way should work.

It didn’t work,
I tried but i can’t put the share link in a html <img> tag.
Only download links work in <img> tags, but they only work for 1 hour.
I really don’t know how to make them last longer, any ideas ?

Yes, you can.

Oh ok i see how you did it !
For other that may have this issue this is an example:
<img src="<share_link>?raw=1 />"

Thank you so much !