How to manually add LDAP users?

How to manually connect LDAP users?
Seafile Version CE 6.2.5
The settings in the ccnet.conf file are made as in the manual.
But in the log files there are no reports of an attempt to access LDAP.
There is no ./pro folder in the distribution.
What team do you use for this?

This means that you are using the CE version (Community Edition)
Or follow the LDAP manual meant for CE

Apparently I did not put it right.
CE version:
Authenticate against LDAP/AD +
Set up in accordance with the instructions.
How do I force the server to allow users to authenticate in LDAP?

On the server, I can add the user in the usual way.
If you go to the LDAP tab, there is no button to add a new user.
An error occurs when trying to authorize by the user from AD.
In ccnet.log there are entries:
[01/24/18 08:17:30] user-mgr.c (1183): Can not find user in LDAP.
[01/24/18 08:20:00] user-mgr.c (1183): Can not find user user1 in LDAP.
[01/24/18 08:20:27] user-mgr.c (1183): Can not find user in LDAP.

When testing on the server, everything is fine:
C:\Windows\system32> dsquery user -name user1

I know this has been 11 months ago, but i came across the same problem and found the Solution.

For anyone who gets here like i did:

By default Seafile doesn’t look for the “user logon name” but for whatever is written in “General\Email”.
If you want to use “user logon name” you have to set
LOGIN_ATTR = userPrincipalName
in your ccnet.conf under [LDAP]