How to move seafile-data directory to a different path

Could anyone please explain how to properly move the seafile-data folder to a different path in linux? I run out of disk space in my root dir, so I want to move my seafile data to a different drive. I have seen some suggestions simply using a symlink, but so far, it has not worked for my seafile docker installation (I get a weird error about issues with the database creating an admin). My data is located in /opt/seafile-data/seafile/seafile-data and it is owned by root (seafile docker is running as root as well). Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

Since you’re using docker, just map the volume elsewhere.

In details:

  1. Stop the server docker-compose down
  2. Move the content of /opt/seafile-data to anywhere you want (say /anywhere)
  3. Map the new folder in the compose file:
      - /anywhere:/shared
  1. Restart the server docker-compose up -d
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I am still trying to get a workable seafile install going. Is there any way to specify where the data directory will live during seafile installation? I tried the ubuntu seafile install script at the haiwen seafile github page but I think that doesn’t do a complete installation. I can’t upload files through the web gui.

SOLVED. Got seafile working in debian 11 and just did a normal symlink after install.