How unlock my seafile account?

I only have one admin account and it has now been locked, when I’m trying to login I get this error message:
“This account has been frozen due to too many failed login attempts.”

How can I unlock it?

I did find in the manual but it don’t say if it will delete my liberarys or if it even will work.

I can’t belive that it’s nothing about this in the manual, this is something that can happen everyone due to hacker attack etc.

Is it possible to use the and still have all my uploaded files? Or 'll they bee deleted? Will the script create a new admin user?

Now it says This account is inactive. when I’m trying to login.

I don’t have access to my server until later, but I’m hoping that someone can help me how to actiave the admin account again.

definitely start thinking about a backup solution, that being said, i was able to reset the password without losing any data, i just used the same account name with a new password and i was back in.

I have a backup that are running every night at 4 AM.

But then I’ll loose some settings etc.

I’ll try the script when I’m home again.

Do you run mariadb?

I’ll also in the future make a “backup admin” so I can have one that I can use if this happen again.

It did work well with the script, and that’s good. :slight_smile:

yes, I’m just give another way for other people