How unregistered users can upload and share files without the need for registration


I’m looking for a way to create a shared folder or library where unregistered users can upload and share files without the need for registration. Can you provide guidance on how to set this up?
Thank you.

Something similar to Firefox Send. I’ve found a sample fork at ( I’ve created a sample shared library here Users can upload files, but they cannot obtain the links to copy or share

You can create upload links.

Hi @tschoesi,

Thank you for sharing the link.

Here’s an excerpt from the content of the link you provided:

You can utilize upload links to gather files from others. Upload links … visible to others; they can solely upload files to them.

Please note that unregistered users are unable to generate shared or download links for the files they upload.

I’m not sure I understand what you want, so let me restate it to see if I am right. You want to create a share link that points to a directory in a library that would allow any anonymous user (anyone with the link with no need to log in) to upload files, see the files, and download them (or others from that directory).

As far as I know Seafile doesn’t support this. You could make both an upload share link and a download share link that both point to the same directory, but there isn’t a way to have a single link do both jobs.

Hi @tomservo , I’ve got it. I’ll fork GitHub - mozilla/send: Simple, private file sharing from the makers of Firefox and set up a similar service thank you

@tomservo @WorkCloud

Seafile does support this, I have this exact setup on my customers server.

It is only supported with Seafile Pro, and when creating the share link, you have to enable their permissions to upload, download and preview.

With this, you are then able to have them upload folders (only supported with Chrome) to create the folder structure.

You can have a free version of Seafile Pro for up-to 3 users, but then the paid version is only $100 per annum for 10 users (84p per user, per month).

If you have any issues with setting it up, please let me know and I can help with this!

Thank you for your positive response. I successfully installed the pro version and found the custom permissions feature, which allows any unregistered user to upload, preview, download, and share files.