Icon Overlay Problem

Server Version: 6.0.2 - Linux
Drive Client for Windows 0.6.2
Windows 10 Latest Updates

I have 2 profiles, from within a domain. One is a basic user the other an administrator. I have installed the Drive Client. The problem is that the Icon Overlays only show on the administrator account and nothing in the basic user account. It does and it is synchronized but just not showing the icons. Also on the basic user account it dosen`t let me select S: as a drive letter.

What I have tried:

  • Checked if there is any Icon Overlay Handlers in the registry, made sure that there are no more then 15 ( Windows limitation ). Seafile is the only cloud service installed. Checked on both profiles.
    -Tried installing/uninstalling Driver Client on each profile. Does the same thing.
    -Tried logging in with different Seafile accounts, still nothing.
    -Lowered the UAC settings, still nothing.

Can someone help?

Thanks we’ll look into the problem when we implement multi-user support for Drive client.

Ok, thank you!


we have the samedi problem wtith the drive client and standard client deployed automatically as an administrator, final users has no overlay icon neither contextual menu…

it would be nice if this problem could be solved in both clients !

thanks !

A bit of a fix.

I had to add the basic domain user to the local admin group. Looks like it done it, but make sure you remove all synced devices to be able to make it work… or… maybe that was just for me? Not the best solution but its the only one I have.

Anyway, still waiting on the update with the fix.

Still… great job guys! :slight_smile:

has this bug been fixed in actual version ?

Multiple windows account support has been added. You can limit the access to S drive to the current user by choosing an option.

The explorer extension problem is not reproduced in our environment. We’ll look at it again.

The latest version seadrive have been fixed this bug.