Image on WsgiDAV Index page is not displayed

The Image /:dir_browser/logo.png in the top left corner of the /seafdav/ directory index is not displayed in Seafile Server 7.1.4


Has this been solved? I just upgraded to Seafile Pro 7.1.18 and the image is still missing.

<img class="logo" alt="WsgiDAV" title="WsgiDAV" src="/:dir_browser/logo.png">


I think, the whole css stuff isn’t working in 7.1, the font style is wrong and the special characters are not shown.
Old WebDAV in 7.0.19:


New WebDAV in 7.1.18:


Or can this be configured anywhere?

@andi-blafasl @uosseafile Good observation. I had the same annoying problem many time ago.Tunning in nginx didn’t work. Other hacks either.

I ended up creating a new subdomain like Only when you serve seafdav in root domain you will get the picture displayed.


Open for other solutions…

@Jonathan Any update on when this will be fixed? Thanks

We’ll look into the issue later.

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This turns out to be an Nginx configuration issue. You can solve it by adding following to nginx configuration:

location /:dir_browser {


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thanks. can you please update all nginx config references in the manual with this?

And this is a working solution for Apache based installation:

  <Location "/:dir_browser">

I just inserted this below my seafdav location and it is working in the browser.

@Jonathan please extend all apache config references in the manual with this :wink:

We’ll update the documentation.