Image preview for encrypted libraries

Hello all,
I have recently started to use Seafile for my file cloud. I have two questions regarding the image previews in encrypted libraries:

  1. On the web interface: In encrypted libraries, there are no image previews. When I click on an image I get the dark, transluent background and the message “the image can not be loaded” (Translated from German, so maybe it is not exactly this message). If I open the image link in a new tab, the image is displayed normally. In unencrypted libraries, everything works as expected (Image previews are shown and I can view the image by clicking the link)
  2. The Android App does not show image previews for encrypted libraries either. For unencrypted libraries this works.

I thought that image previews are a nice-to-have until I wanted to show some holiday photos to a friend of mine. In the end, I did not show him anything because the photos are named by the date (and time) and downloading every photo with a mobile network is not a good idea. So for navigating through a collection of images this would be a very handy feature (in my opinion).

+1 to that