Implement "Make available offline" option in SeaDrive folders, that will always sync folder to local drive

Will be good to have “Make available offline” option in SeaDrive folders, that will keep needed folders always in sync (like SeaFile), and available offline, instead of on-demand downloading.

One can run both clients currently to solve this request.

Yes, but user will need to work with files in two different locations (SeaDrive drive and Seafile folder) instead of one place, that not so good. Implementation in SeaDrive can be emulating “Download” action on selected folders every XX minutes for force download all files from server to it.

@Murz I agree, this would be very nice! The current situation with two discrete clients is not very user-friendly and difficult to explain to new users. So generally, +1 for this.
This said, your request is equivalent to merging the Seafile Sync client with the Seafile Drive client. I guess this is not an easy task if done well. Also: The sync client is still needed to access encrypted libraries for the drive client’s lack of encrypted libary support.
I see the path as follows: One, add encrypted library support to the Drive client and, two, merge both clients to one single client.

My request is not equivalent to merging Seafile Sync client with the Seafile Drive client, SeaDrive (at least on Windows) already can force download whole foder via manual action, so for implement this feature we only need to store checked "Make available offline” folders and automate this action for them.

That’s why I wrote “currently”. I like the idea but this needs some more work to merge both clients. And just as a reminder. The Drive Client is closed source currently. So a merge would only work if it would be open sourced.

Seriously? How? I didn’t know!

in Windows Explorer do right click on Seafile folder and select menu Seafile » download, this will force download all remote files to local drive (but one time only).

I am not sure which seafile folder you mean. SeaDrive creates a drive and I checked the context menu of every folder. I didn’t find a download option.
Could you post a screenshot?

Thanks a lot!

Interesting, I don’t have a “SeaDrive” context menu item on this level. I need to navigate into a folder (S:\My Libraries\Folder\Subfolder) to see this item in the context menu.

Ok, then I have to debug my explorer plugin.