Import local folder not working (./

Hi all,

I tried to import local folder with instruction in Seafile admin Manual “Import Directory To Seafile”.

I ran the following command :
sudo ./ -p /var/lib/rdmname -n Test1 -u Jordan

I made a chmod 777 on “rdmname”.
“Jordan” is the username of my seafile account (admin account too).
“Test1” should be the name that appears in my library list.

The script only return “successfully” operation but I don’t have any new library on my panel.
I check on admin panel under library if I can see it, but nothing.

Each time I try to do it, the “used space” increase.
If I run a “./”, the integity check found the new lib :
...Checking file system integrity of repo Test1(fa749692)...

Seafile Pro : 9.0.5
On Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile: