Improvment of the feature


We often add some Readme files in library where a big number of people can write, to define some rules (like : only put here document that you own the copyright, or tips about the document tree, e-mail of the people who manage the library, etc). I’ve seen that adding a file add a frame at the top of the file list, witch is great, but doesn’t seem to be usable enough for us.

Some possible improvements:

  • internationalize the file name, because is not clear for people who doesn’t speak english
  • why not display the content instead of a link to the filename? It’s remove a step to access to it’s content (like github
  • at the first snyc with a client, a message could suggest the user to go read the Readme (if one at the root of a library)
  • and in seahub, a button “Add a readme” at the root of the library could help people to discover the feature (and can create the file with the right internationalized filename)

What do you think about that?

Thanks for this great software,

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Interesting! I didn’t even know the highlighting feature for the! Thanks for pointing it out.

I am not really sure I understand your first bullet: Do you suggest extend the feature so that not only readme.mds are highlighted in an extra ribbon, but also files named “”, “”, “lé”,…

I am asking because, from my German perspective, I would find a “” very unusual.

Yes, I think you have understand my first bullet. In french, in an old time where CD or floppy disk have a README.TXT, they also have a LISEZ-MOI.TXT…

Nowadays, those files are for developers only, so there is no more french LISEZ-MOI files… but a relative big part of my user-base doesn’t read well English, so I think even an unusal file would be less unusual than a, I think…