In which version of "Client for Windows" support for Windows 7 was disabled?

In which version of “Client for Windows” support for Windows 7 was disabled?
Currently running Seafile server 11.0.8
“Client for Windows 9.0.3” on Windows 7 does not connect to the server:
Error: Network error: SSL handshake failed

It may be a server SSL configuration issue. Since 9.0 version the sync client tries to be compatible with Windows 7 again. We don’t guarantee to work on every machine though, since it’s a very old system.

From which log file do you see this error?

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The problem disappeared on its own after updating the antivirus program to a new version.
Thank you very much for pointing my thoughts in the right direction.

Actually after 9.0.4 Windows 7 shouldn’t work since we upgraded Qt to new version. Qt has dropped support for Windows 7.

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