Increase sync frequency to more often than every 30 seconds

Hi! If I understood correctly, the client checks for updates with the server every 30 seconds, right? Is it possible to configure this somehow? I would like changes to appear on the other devices more quickly.

I was impressed to see how fast Seafile is compared to Nextcloud, like night and day. I am hosting it in Kubernetes and works great apart from the sync frequency which I would like to tweak.


By default, Seafile utilises a notification mechanism provided by the OS. You cannot configure that.

The Seafile client does not poll unless configured to do so. If Seafile polls directories on your hard drive frequently, your hard drive would not be doing anything else but processing Seafile’s polling requests.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I am not referring to polling the filesystem for changes, but the server for changes made on other devices. Seafile does this every 30 seconds from what I can see, and I am looking to reduce that delay. With Nextcloud for example I can set it to a minimum of 5 seconds, so changes made on one device appear on other devices much more quickly. Can I do that with Seafile somehow? Thanks!