Individual file permission control


The file sharing feature that is provided by Seafile only allows for the internal sharing of folders and libraries, but not individual files. For example, if a folder contains multiple files, to internally share one of them means giving the recipient permission to the parent folder and the generated internal link to the target file. As a result, the recipient can look up all the materials under the shared folder using the “shared with me” tab, and access them with the permission that was designated only for the one target file. But what if I just want the recipient to access that file only, not the contents of the entire parent folder?

However, there is no functionality that enables the users to manage the permission of an individual files. I hope seafile team can come up with a solution to this issue.

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Do I understand the intention of your post correctly: You are formulating a feature request?

Good question.

That depends on your understanding of that issue.

It can be considered as a feature request, but in a sense I think that design was flawed, such that the sharing problem that I mentioned occurs unintentionally.

But yes, it can be a feature request.