Install Seafile on 2nd drive under Linux

Am a relative newbie to Linux - looking some best practise for Seafile. On Azure, the OS drive is 30GB and I like to keep OS separate from the data drive but that might be might Windows background showing.

I’ve taught myself enough to be able to add second data drive to my VMware Workstation test bed as /sdb, create partition using fdisk, format using mkfs.ext4 and mounting as /data via mount/fstab. Appears to work fine.

However, the manual install instructions for Seafile suggest installing to /opt/seafile. Is it okay to install to /data/seafile instead or should one set-up a link from /opt/seafile to /data/seafile?

What about install Seafile to /opt/seafile and store data in /data/seafile? :slight_smile:

As documented in the manual (this is the MySQL setup but it works for SQLite too), you’ll be asked for the data directory during installation:

Option Description Note
seafile data dir Seafile stores your data in this directory. By default it’ll be placed in the current directory. The size of this directory will increase as you put more and more data into Seafile. Please select a disk partition with enough free space.

Separating the OS and data isn’t something you have to do, but I think it is a good idea.

The manual suggests /opt/seafile, but I think that’s mostly because it’s normal in Linux for programs not installed with the package manager to be installed in /opt. I had no problem setting mine up with the seafile installed at /seafile, with the ddatabase in /databasse, and the actual data in /seafile-data.