Install seafile on TrueNAS Scale as docker app

anybody who has done successfully and could share a howto? :slight_smile: thx

I have the same problem, impossible for me to work :frowning:

but for replica? i 've configure stack with db+seafile server + memcache. I use volume with glusterfs.

I wanted to use native docker in truenas scale. The container was well loaded, but the filling of the fields is obscure and I tried as I understood, with environment variables, and the port 80 > 9001 but I cannot display the page. The ideal would be to have explanations how to fill in the fields in the docker application on truenas scale. I was using seafile in docker compose and everything was very simple to implement.

Has anyone figured out how to run Seafile in truenas scale as a docker?
I already have shares and SMB, and would like to just link that to a Seafile docker for remote access, syncing, and sharing.

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I would need also help. Did not manage to get it running so far!