Integrated URL Shortener

I am currently using seafile along with shlink to create custom short URLs for my share and upload links.
For that purpose I am using shlink with a separate subdomain.
It works great, however, it is always a two-step process, create a share in seafile and then create a short URL in shlink.
I think it would be really great if seafile would allow the creation of custom short urls on it’s one, at least as an optional feature.
All it would require are:

  • a (second) subdomain, such as;
  • a database to store the custom links (mariadb, already there).
  • a redirect-logic

Shlink provides a lot of additional features such as link click count and geo-localization of users, but I guess the majority of people are just looking for shorter and more specific URLs instead of numbers…

Just an idea,
Thanks a lot,