Integration with service for store diagrams directly in Seafile libraries

Opensource service have integrations with many services including Dropbox and Gitlab! Will be good to have same integration with Seafile server too!


Here is opensource integration with Nextcloud - can Seafile server integrated with using similar way?

Here is integration module via webdav, and here - via iframe:

Same Here +1 please add this feature

would be awesome! +1

I could probably convince my company to sponsor at least a part of it, if the feature were on the roadmap


Also interested. +1

My understanding is that the seafile team tries to follow the Unix philosophy of “do one thing, and do it well”, which is understandable considering the size of the team, so it seems to me like it would be hard to have something like this approved. However I use drawio almost daily and the save to disk feature works great with files from the seafile sync client and seadrive.

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