Internal server error on user groups view in system admin interface


Server Version is 7.1.3
Its a new server with 3 users.

We added a group to test and got an Internal Server Error on Groups page of User.

Could you please help us resolve this issue.

Thank you very much.

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Hi aca,
I am having exactly the same problem, were you able to solve it ?
I am running in debian 10 with an Nginx reverse proxy

I got it working for pro version of the Server and I figure it might be the dependences.

They’ve changed the python version for the server version 7.1 and above.
This is the page from the manual for the pro version but the dependencies are more or less the same.

Could you please check if you have all these installed and if it solves the issue?


Thank you very much for your answer aca,
It didn’t did the trick for me though. It seems like a bug
Thanks !


We upgraded Pro from 7.0.13 to 7.1.3 on Debian 10 / Apache and i can’t reproduce the bug.


For me there is still an error after installing the third part requirements. Have you also installed Java, poppler-utils and the python libraries to make it work?

Solution by [powUpYM]
Thread: Error in seahub (groups):

Same problem!
It is a bug in seahub/api2/endpoints/admin/, line 1051.
The problem can be fixed by changing line 1051 from

groups = ccnet_api.get_personal_groups_by_user(email)


groups = ccnet_api. get_groups (email)


Thanks Ill try and get back to you.


@daniel.pan No comment at all? This is a serious problem.

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Yah, this appears to be a bug.

Thanks @RicGer. This fixed the problem

Fixed in CE v7.1.4

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