Internal Server Error when uploading to specific group


We are using seafile pro edition version 7.0.19, on Centos 7 VM. We just got a ticket from an end user saying that they were not able to upload any files to, let’s call it Group A’s libraries, via web browser, even though they were previously able to. This was first noticed last week. We have not done any updates to the VM in recent months. The one detail that threw me off is that the end user can upload to any other Group B, C, or D’s libraries with no issue. I let myself in as a member into Group A and I also get the Internal Server Error, but B/C/D have no issues.

This is what the logs say inside /seafile-data/logs/seafile.log right after I press upload:

[02/05/2024 03:46:15 PM] upload-file.c(1326): Failed to open upload temp file: No such file or directory.

[02/05/2024 03:46:15 PM] upload-file.c(1329): Upload temp file /alldata/seafile-data/httptemp/cluster-shared/seafile test document.docxVDD9I2 doesn't exist, remove record from db.

And the contents inside cluster-shared/

[root@seafile cluster-shared]# ls -l
total 1916
-rw------- 1 seafile seafile 1958861 Jul 19  2023 seafile-[redacted].zip
[root@seafile cluster-shared]#

I am tempted to just tell the end user to move all their libraries/documents into Group B etc, but I would like to know why this is happening, or if there are any other logs of interest I may not be looking at.

Things to note:

  • I have already tried restarting the VM, but still have an Internal Server Error
  • I have ruled out a disk failure, we have this VM on a Dell PowerEdge and the iDRAC tells me the conditions of the disks look healthy.

Please let me know anything I should try. Thanks!


Just to give an update. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, PNG, and JPG all give an internal server error from Group A in any library.

But I can upload TXT and markdown files just fine.