Introduction of virtual libraries

What’s about virtual libraries like “most recent files” or “most used files” like existing “favorites” in automatic way?


+1 from me. Good idea.

This sounds like a great idea.

Would also be cool to share a virtual library and then to add folders or other libraries to it.

So the client can receive a new share, but the user doesn’t have to manually sync it - it just happens within the virtual library.

That would be great!
(I hope this explanation makes sense.)


i don’t understand the idea. would it be a read-only library that reflects what’s going on in other libraries i have access to?

Why not use the existing favorites? Does the extra benefit from these virtual libraries justify the devs’ time?

How am I supposed to get other people’s changes to save them as favorites? The effort on the part of the developers should be minimal for my idea.

Are you a developer? Can you really estimate the effort? Anyway …

Seafile Server 10 will support library subscriptions: Seafile Release Table This should help you with your use cas.

Yes i am a developer. In my sight it should be easy to deploy a simple SQL-view to the frontend.

Oh, good to hear! I am looking forward to see your pull request then. Don’t forget: Seafile is open source.

WTF? Don’t piss on my leg. I just made a suggestion.

You said

I am just saying: Why not make this “minimal” investment yoursefl if you get your idea implemented.

Where can I find the living platform where I can submit my changes?

rdb, sorry, but the codebase is so messy that you can’t expect common developers to jump right into fixing and extending Seafile. not to mention the lack of tests facilitation that would allow one to make changes in confidence.