Introduction of virtual libraries

What’s about virtual libraries like “most recent files” or “most used files” like existing “favorites” in automatic way?


+1 from me. Good idea.

This sounds like a great idea.

Would also be cool to share a virtual library and then to add folders or other libraries to it.

So the client can receive a new share, but the user doesn’t have to manually sync it - it just happens within the virtual library.

That would be great!
(I hope this explanation makes sense.)


i don’t understand the idea. would it be a read-only library that reflects what’s going on in other libraries i have access to?

Why not use the existing favorites? Does the extra benefit from these virtual libraries justify the devs’ time?

How am I supposed to get other people’s changes to save them as favorites? The effort on the part of the developers should be minimal for my idea.

Are you a developer? Can you really estimate the effort? Anyway …

Seafile Server 10 will support library subscriptions: Seafile Release Table This should help you with your use cas.

Yes i am a developer. In my sight it should be easy to deploy a simple SQL-view to the frontend.

Oh, good to hear! I am looking forward to see your pull request then. Don’t forget: Seafile is open source.

WTF? Don’t piss on my leg. I just made a suggestion.

You said

I am just saying: Why not make this “minimal” investment yoursefl if you get your idea implemented.

Where can I find the living platform where I can submit my changes?