'Invalid token' when creating zip for all files inside a directory

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I already had this on 6.1.1 Pro and still have it on 6.2.4 Pro. Zip file creation is seamless when I do it from outside a directory, i.e. I click the download button, Seafile takes its time to create the zip, and the download starts right away. However, when I enter the very same directory, choose all files and then try to download them, Seafile begins the zip file creation and often stops in between and gives out Invalid Token. When now trying again though, this didn’t occur. Is there anything I can look at where the error probably comes from, is this a know problem?

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Still having this from time to time and not on every try - the second time it sometimes works and the server creates a zip file.

The API log is seahub.log.

Also facing the “Invalid Token” error when trying to create and download bigger ZIP achieves, about 80 GB.

Due to the size, the process takes longer, could it possibly be that the security tokens expire during the long zip creation time?

Once the zip is ready and the download could take place instead of the download, the process dies with the “Invalid Token”, because the token has expired in the meantime?

Noticed that when facing the error message, it does not appear on the same URL as where the zipping/downloading was started.

Instead, it is /seafhttp/zip/ which maybe is an argument for redirecting after successful zipping but on download at this URL, the token is invalid?

These are just thought, so if anybody knows how to solve this issue, this would be great.

Perhaps increasing the “web_token_expire_time” could help here?

I recommend the new file server.

On a different note: For 80GB downloads it may be better to use a FTP server. Old, but the protocol was developed for just that.

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Upgrade from Seafile 8 to 9 solved the issue :+1: