Invitation problem [Seafile Pro 7.1.7]

We recently had a problem with the invitations.
Everything works fine initially, users can invite whoever they want, but after a while they get the error message below and the email is not sent.
To temporarily resolve the problem I restart the services and everything works again for a few days …
Same problem with seafile version 7.15
I don’t see anything specific in the logs.
Automatic seafile mails are going well.

Thanks for help


we have the same problem. sometimes we can’t send invitation email.
I restart Seafile service every night but it doesn’t fix the problem.


We had the same issue which was caused by being rate limited by our SMTP relay server which leads to Seafile not being able to immediately and successfully send out the invitation e-mail. We worked around this by using a local postfix installation on each Seafile server to queue our mails until they can be delivered.

After this we discovered some more issues with guest invitations and e-mails which the Seafile Support Team is now investigating.

Unfortunately there is no logging for SMTP errors out of the box since the error never seems to be raised properly. If you want to gain more insight you could adapt the following file, restart seahub and check seahub.log afterwards. The example diff is from Seafile Pro 7.1.6:


< import logging
< logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
<         except (smtplib.SMTPException, socket.error) as e:
<             logger.error('SMTPLib Error open(): %s', e)
>         except (smtplib.SMTPException, socket.error):
<             except smtplib.SMTPException as e:
<                 logger.error('SMTPLib Error close(): %s', e)
>             except smtplib.SMTPException:
<                 logger.error('SMTPLib Error send_messages(): Could not open connection')
<         except smtplib.SMTPException as e:
<             logger.error('SMTPLib Error _send(): %s', e)
>         except smtplib.SMTPException:

The error messages show redundant information (the function name) but might enable you to gain more insight into which kind of SMTP error actually occurs when trying to send an e-mail.

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@mrc Thanks for your answer in my post.
Did you get feedbacks about this bug from Seafile support team ?
Our users often use guests accounts also it’s very important to resolve this issue.

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Hi everyone, can you have a check at these tables in seahub db to see if there is any useful information.


especially post_office_email and post_office_log

It is most likely caused by connection pool to mail server in the third party library (Django post office). We will see how to solve the problem.

Pro edition 7.1.12 should have solved the email sending problem.

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Thanks Daniel, i push 7.1.12 now