Ipone photo sync with 2.4.7 not reliable

My client shows me the number of unsynced photos but is not syncing them.
I can force it by switching on/off/on autosync AND selecting a new sync directory. Asked if i really want to do it I only have to press cancel and it
syncs. This symtome i found in forums already and for a year now.
Last statement was bug is not easy to reproduce: i can reproduce twice a day and found a stabile workaround.

I feel iphone is not soooo unimportant ar all…

A new version with a fix is uploaded to App Store. It will be available in a week or two. You can test it.

I made similar experience. And, the Seafile iPhone app doesn’t synchronize RAW images. In more detail.

During my vacation I shot photos with a standard camera taking picture in RAW format. Since the camera was a Sony the filenames look like *.ARW I made backups of my photos on my iPhone. Then I wanted to upload the photos to my Seafile server, but the Seafile Client didn’t upload the ARW files but the jpg files which are automatically generated by iOS. I would appreciate if the Seafile app would take care of RAW images.

I am looking forward for the fix. I have never used this feature because of these annoying problems.

I can test it? Is there a test app available?

Are you referring to the RAW image files? If you want, I could provide those.

No, I meant the fixed client beta :wink: