IPV6 & WAN configuration

I already filtered 8000 & 8082 ports on my modem/router.
I put my ipv6 address in the SERVICE_URL and in the FILE_SERVER_ROOT, restarted the server and I am not able to connect to the ipv6 http. Only the LAN ipv4 work.
I’m an experienced user of Linux but I never learnt networking.
The seafile-server-6.3.4 is running on a raspi 2 with raspbian.
Any help is greatly appreciated

Have you setup nginx?

I’ve discovered that my ConnectBox policy does that the ipv6 aren’t static and can’t be set to static, the only thing that can be made static are the ipv4 addresses but one can’t do port forwarding on it.

And didn’t manage to set the nginx server up with ipv6 addresses.

I think I need to get a DDNS for ipv6, don’t I?