Is it possible for client to Seafile server Sync ONLY

Can I install seafile client on a PC/Server, drag an outside directory (one not in the designated seafile folder) to have it synced up to the seafile server (be nice if I could select what library it goes to instead of defaulting to My Library) and then configure it so that syncs/uploads are one way only from the client PC to seafile.

I guess I’m asking if its possible to do a one way sync from Client to Seafile but not seafile to client. Files on seafile would be basically read only unless updates are from the originating client.

Why - Take a directory from my internal NAS and put it into searfile so I can share it out and not worry about accidental deletion (via seafile) of files on the NAS.

Hope this makes sense

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if it is possible to upload some files (just once) to server from the client without (keeping) syncing the library/files.

For the pro version, this is possible (not sure for the community version).
Right click on a selected library -> choose “open cloud file browser” -> there is a “+” icon in the left bottom corner. From there, you are able to upload file/directory.

No not just once always sync from the Client to seafile but never sync from seafile back to the client. It would be a read only copy that is available in a seafile library that can be shared.

The files live on a NAS (Network Attached Storage). Using Seafile I would like to make these files available with a one way sync. If the files change on the NAS I want the client to propagate that to seafile but I don’t want any changes made on the seafile side propagated back to the NAS. So if one is viewing files on seafile via a browser and decides to delete files that delete does not sync back to NAS. Actually the files would end up syncing back to seafile (oneway) in a self healing scenario

I know Seafile was designed to be two way with multiple clients but in this scenario I was hoping to have only one MASTER client and just push updates one way from the client to Seafile. I seem to recall an option to not allow updates (or define who can send updates) but I may be confusing it with other software.

Thanks for any input !!

P.S. As I type I realize if “I know the account password” then how would seafile know who the master client is. Still allowing an option on the client to Send Only / Receive Only / and Send And Receive to Seafile server may be a neat feature. As long as I am disciplined I could actually make the read only copy in seafile work.

What you actually could to is to sync a library using the client and share it read only.

Yes I thought of that. My concern is that I or someone who is administering the account may actually delete/change files not knowing that the change will be propagated back to the NAS.

I know shame on me but after telling people “Oh yeah get it form Seafile but remember its read only” I may forget that its not for me. Especially if I’m doing server maintenance.

Seafile is not designed to work as you say. The principle of the cloud is to have its data everywhere at any moment in real time … there are other software that are more backup oriented that exists …
I would not give a name not to shade a seafile, but it does exist.

[quote=“FreeCloud, post:6, topic:2648, full:true”]
Seafile is not designed to work as you say. [/quote]

As I stated above I know its not designed to do this. As far as other software goes - I already have seafile up and running with lots of other data and it uses seafile the way it was intended to so I wouldn’t want to put something else or in addition to in.

Thanks for the reply

You van create a dedictated account and share the library read only with a group. Nothing a user could do wrong is left.

I guess I’ll have to do that. Can I selectively flag what get replicated or is the whole folder

Actually this feature was recently added to our plan. Basically you can get:

  • Set a library to be changed from one client only. No change from the cloud will be applied locally.
  • The library can only be read-only shared to other users.

No time frame is settled for when it will be available though.

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Hmm sounds like what I’m asking for

OK I’ll keep a look out for it

What you actually could to is to sync a library using the client and share it read only.

If I share library as readonly and change something on client side, sync will be broken, here is thread about this: Read-only seafile library sync breaks if local files changed - #2 by Murz

You are suggesting that I try to the sync the library as the read only client ?

I don’t want to break the sync to the seafile server (client ==> Seafile) I only want it oneway so if I (with read/write) am looking at the library from a browser and I change something I don’t want Seafile to send that change back to the client

I’d also love having this feature.

What about your plan ?