Is it possible install seafile server under a double reverse proxy?

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Just wondering, seafile kinda NEEDS to have nginx within the same install in order to serve pages etc. This has forced me to configure every other mini server to be connected from the nginx install of Seafile, which in turn sends to the desired server. In short, it all falls under Seafile, and if this one crashes, it crashes EVERYTHING in my setup. I’d like to have a second nginx, providing sub-addresses for each service/server, including one for seafile. ANd then the nginx within the seafile server. Would this be possible?



Yes, but it makes the configuration complicated. The easy solution is to put Seafile on a separate machine.

Huh…That’s literally what I’d want to do. Separate Seafile from Nginx. Is there a guide that explains how to do an install where Seafile connects to a nginx server on a different machine?

I am not aware of any explicit step-by-step guide. Sorry. On the other hand, the nginx configuration for Seafile is not really complicated.

I currently have my own docker image that I pulled out Nginx from completely. That being said; I was testing some of the latest official images (cuz ˆ don’t really want to offroad and would rather get back into the official images), I tested and had my normal Nginx proxy to they supplied one in a default official image. It works fine.

If you want to get rid of it complely; that’s easy too - but you have to manage images yourself. There is 1 snafu with ripping out the Nginx from the container running seafile - and that’s rewriting static assets. I didn’t have an elegant solution; I just copy them onto my nginx system and do what would otherwise been done …
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Yes, easy. Follow homelab/seafile-pro at main · JarlMorgennebel/homelab · GitHub

which puts the standard Seafile Pro docker container (plus FUSE for backup) behind a nginx-proxy-manager docker.

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You don’t need to have an NGINX proxy on the same server but please be aware that you have 3 locations which are managed by NGINX as a reverse proxy on the same server if you follow the installation guidelines. If you want to access a specific location for the media, the internal server can only access files in the default location, and its location cannot be changed. You also have to map the ports to special URI’s from outside which is not really beautiful if you have a reverse proxy that needs to deal as a central instance in your system landscape. These disadvantages forced me to install an NGINX service on the same machine again, and I am happy because there is really no reason why you shouldn’t run a small NGINX instance to circumvent these disadvantages.

Thanks for the answers.