Is it safe to use Storage Sense auto cleanup with Seadrive?


In Windows Storage Sense there’s an option to free up local space for unaccessed cloud files. It was designed for OneDrive client, but is also recognizes Seadrive Client as it uses the same Windows Cloud filesystem API.

My question is that is it safe to turn it on?

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I can’t answer the question but thanks for reminding me that this feature was slated about a year ago and I’d forgotten about it. I too thought it was an OneDrive only feature but glad to see it’s a generic OS feature for all apps that have on-demand functionality. I’ve had quite a few support calls due to 240GB C: drives filling up.

Oh, I forgot to tag @Jonathan , so is it safe to turn on this option with Seafile? Thanks!

Thanks for the hint. We’ll test it and get back to you.

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Hello, we tested this option. Currently, this option should only work for onedrive, but not for seadrive, so seadrive cannot use this option to free up space.

Understood, thanks a lot for checking it!