Is there a step by step guide on how to install Seafile Server on OpenWRT?

It’s my first time setting up seafile on my Asus Router (Merlin Firmware). I know it can be installed through entware.

After “opkg install seafile-server”, everything seems to be installed smoothly. It told me it attempted to launch the server but may fail if it’s my first time installing it. Then there’s no further indication. I dont know what to do next, what to configure next.

I tried to search for a guide but nothing can be found. :frowning:
Any help would be appreciated.

It would seem like the seafile server package in the opkg repo was a one off thing, it’s a very outdated version. Also I don’t think most routers will be able to run seahub (web components) or even just the seafile server. If your router is really capable of running seafile, one option would be to run it from docker, using the router as a docker host.