Is there a way to search filenames *only* - or otherwise specify search parameters in elasticsearch?

Now that I finally have elasticsearch working in Seafile Pro (thanks, Dan!), a question:

Is it possible to restrict searches to filenames only?

Or are there any other helpful tricks for searching with elasticsearch, such as allowing for wildcards, AND or OR between different words and phrases, searching for exact phrases vs just all the words listed, and so on?

Or is it more just type in some words and hope for the best, for now?

The full-text search seems very powerful and useful, but sometimes you do want to restrict the search to, for example, filenames only.

By the way, I do know about the search page - something like That page allows searching by date, file type, file size, etc - all very useful options. But don’t see, for example, a search restricted to filenames/directory names.


There is no such a feature to restrict searches to filenames only yet.

This is no such a feature too. If you split multiple keyword by space, they treated as AND logic.