Issue when transferring groups from deleted user to new owner

Hi Seafile community,

I am facing an issue when transferring groups from a deleted user to new owner.

The user was owner of several groups. When I try to share a library to any of these groups the groups owned by the deleted user do not show up (“no group found”). When I try to transfer the group to myself an error message (error_msg: “Internal Server Error”) pops up.

I also recreated the user (same email and username, authentication via keycloak), but it was created without groups or owned libraries. However, in the groups page in the column “owner” the link now works and sends me to the profile of the newly created user, where it is displayed that this user has no groups or owned libraries.

I am running Seafile Server Version: 7.1.4 on docker.

Is this a known issue that might be resolved with an upgrade of seafile server?


Hi insi,

did you find a solution for the problem? I also want to delete inactive users from our database. But I see, that some of them are group owners of active groups. What happens to the groups if I delete the owners?