Jira Integration for Seafile

Hey everybody,

is it possible to link to files within Jira issues? Something like this: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1217814/official-dropbox-app-for-jira?hosting=cloud&tab=overview


Hi Florian,
there is no official plugin (and no inofficial one as far as I know), so you will have to make do with the standard features.

Are you aware of the internal links (aka smart links)? They serve as pointers to files which are saved within Seafile. They are different from sharing links insofar as they don’t grant access. Unless you have at least read-permission to the file - either as the file’s owner or access through a shared library - you cannot access it.

Hi Ralf,

thanks for the quick answer. Yes, I know of the smart links. Even the internal ones. Unfortunately they only work with Seafile and not Seadrive. I mean, sure, when you click on them they open on the web, but not on the local file system, which would be the real killer!



I see what you mean. I am not aware of any plans in this direction. Sorry.