Jira Integration for Seafile

Hey everybody,

is it possible to link to files within Jira issues? Something like this: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1217814/official-dropbox-app-for-jira?hosting=cloud&tab=overview


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Hi Florian,
there is no official plugin (and no inofficial one as far as I know), so you will have to make do with the standard features.

Are you aware of the internal links (aka smart links)? They serve as pointers to files which are saved within Seafile. They are different from sharing links insofar as they don’t grant access. Unless you have at least read-permission to the file - either as the file’s owner or access through a shared library - you cannot access it.

Hi Ralf,

thanks for the quick answer. Yes, I know of the smart links. Even the internal ones. Unfortunately they only work with Seafile and not Seadrive. I mean, sure, when you click on them they open on the web, but not on the local file system, which would be the real killer!



I see what you mean. I am not aware of any plans in this direction. Sorry.

Hi @madein ,
I think Seafile has implemented “the real killer”.
The “Link für den Desktop-Zugang Seafile” opens the file locally, not in the web interface. Isn’t this what you were looking for?
I just found this today when playing around with the most recent sync client. The drive client does not support it yet, but if the sync client 7.0.5, released two days ago, has it, you stand a good chance of also seeing it soon there.

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uuuuuh, thanks for following up on me on this one. This sounds very promising! Thank you! I hope that will be implemented into SeaDrive as well, because this is what we use almost exclusively.


Hey @rdb,
are there any news wether seafile:// links will come to the Drive-App as well? Would still be a wonderful feature :wink:


Hey there,
any news regarding smart links for the SeaDrive App?


Hey @daniel.pan,
any news on the Smart Links for SeaDrive-App? Is something like this on the roadmap, which opens the local folder to a given file, so “seadrive://openfile?…”?


It’s been added to the roadmap: https://www.seafile.com/en/roadmap/


Hey @rdb , any news on this? It’s been added to the roadmap and marked as “finished” but also that it’s not yet included in a release. Is this still valid?

Hi Florian,
good news indeed!! This feature is available in Seafile 8.0. You can use it either via Seahub, Seafile’s web interface, or by creating/using your own “seafile://” links.

Seahub: In the webinterface, you navigate to the file you wish to open using your local client. Open the advanced options for the client and choose “Open via client”. As a result, your local Seafile client downloads the file (unless it’s in the local cache) and opens the file with the default application.
This video shows how it works using a txt file as an example:


Using seafile:// links: You can create custom links that trigger the same behavior as clicking on “Open via client” in Seahub: The file is downloaded and opened locally. The syntax for that link is:


Using the example from the video, the seafile:// link for the test.txt.txt is:

How do you find out the ID of the library? Move the cursor on the file. The link popping up in the bottom right corner tells you the repo ID of the library you are in.

You can embed this link in any website. But keep in mind: The user requires at least read-permission to the library referenced in the link to be able to open the file.

Hey @rdb ,
just checked it, thats great! Nice, thank you.

Any news, if this will be available for the SeaDrive-Client as well? The use case that we have is, that everyone in the team has SeaDrive installed and access to the same Library. In a 3rd-Party-Tool, e.g. we want to reference a File in the SeaDrive. When clicked on that link the local SeaDrive should open the file and, if saved, sync it back to the cloud. So basically a SeaDrive-File-Opener with a link.


The SeaDrive Client supports the seafile:// protocol

Ahaaaa! I think there’s the catch. I have both SeaFile and SeaDrive installed. Thats why it only opens in Seafile not SeaDrive. Could not find a setting which app to prioritize, I think there is none, or am I missing something?

This is a browser setting.
In Firefox, you’d do it here:

Choose “Seafile” or “SeaDrive” in the action column for Content Type “seafile”.
I assume you use Safari - which I don’t have. But with the screenshot above, I am positive you’ll find it.

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Thank you @rdb . I’m on Brave at the moment (so basically a more privacy focused Google Chrome). I did some research, but cannot find something similar to Firefox Settings…

I’ll dig into that deeper at some later point. If I find something, I will post this here.

Ha! Fixed it!

There is a prefPane Integration for MacOS, which will let you configure the schemes and URLs:

Works like a charm!

Alright! The last leg to the finish line would now be to copy the seafile-url to the clipboard. At the moment I can “only” open the link via the context menu, not copy it.

Any ideas? Also possible via the native app?
It’s not in any way urgent, so please hurries or extra work. I begin to understand that this may be a special edge case from us :wink:

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