JPG and PSD previews


We use at my office a Seafile server to archive our work (mostly design production files).

It works well, but it would be very useful to have an preview of all image files, like JPG and Photoshop PSD, in the OSX Seafile client. Right now, we have to download every file to check what it is…

Do you know if there is a solution?



Do you mean preview JPG and PSD in the desktop client (cloud file browser)? JPG should already be supported.

I have the problem in the brower. There is no preview for JPG and I got “Unknown file encoding” when try to see the picture. Strange that it works fine for png.

I have Debian 8.10 and seafile-server-pro 6.2.4
I have installed Pillow and followed the tutorial:

Is there any special setup to be done?

Thank you.

I have found what was my issue. I had a “BUG” insite the Settings.

At Online Preview - text file extensions block, the extension jpg was also inside. As soon as I removed the extension, the preview started to work.

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