Knowing what files Seafile is syncing ? (sync client)

Hello everyone !

I like using the Seadrive syncing client.
The Seadrive client does not do what I look for, which is having a permanent copy / synced of some repositories.

However, the seadrive client have very a convinient feature of showing WHAT files are being uploaded / downloaded.

I’m having a slow home connection, and knowing exactly which files are being worked on allow me to estimate time my connection will continue to be slow…

In sync client I can see speed and which repo is being synchronized.

The logs folder of seafile sync client does not contains anything verbose enough to have filenames ?
It contains things like “Repo xxx is not changed on server”.
Or synchronisation start / stop for each repo.

In this particular case, I waited for hours, and it’s still syncing.
I don’t see any new files, except one, which size is only few ko, and should be synchronized without problem.
The fact is, I can’t even debug or understand which files is currently struggling to be uploaded, if there is one.

Here is the file transfer status in Seadrive:

It’s fairly simple, but already better than just nothing in Seadrive Sync client.

This is apparently not the first time the issue is shared:

With no answer or workaround.

It’s also frustrating for the user to know that the client has been downloading something for some time, but he doesn’t know what.

This exactly resume my problem.

Any tips to know what are being sync exactly in the syncing client ?

Thanks !


I’ll have to assume this was never addressed? It’s kinda bad UI not to report what the client is doing. If you’re syncing for the first time a large library, you have no idea which folder/files it might be working on at all.