Large log-files grow really big

Hi everybody,

I am on Ubuntu 22.04 using Seafile Client 8.0.5
I notice that the old seafile-logs are building up to almost 600 MB on my precious 250 GB SSD.
I don’t find any way to limit the logging. Is this a feature request or a bug?
And what to do?

We will check the problem

When the client restarts, it’ll check the size of the log file. If the size exceeds 300MB, it’ll be renamed to seafile-old.log and any existing seafile-old.log will be removed. So from your screenshot, this mechanism works.

The real issue is why the log grows so large. That may be due to excessive log messages in seafile.log. Can you check the contents of the log?

The seafile.log contains log files from Nov 21 to today and is 18 MB. Is that excessive?
I can’t find a setting of 300MB in the client. Is that build-in?
If in the seafile.log is already files stored for one year, why is old log file. I am not planning to take this the grave :slight_smile: ?

Perhaps in some past period your client produced a lot of log messages, but not recently. You may remove the old log file if you want.

Yes, I think there were some issues with Windows files which I never had. I deleted the big one and watch what will happen next.
This issue can be closed.