Lazy loading / pagination breaks image viewer

Hi all,

I’m facing a problem when using the build in picture viewer in seahub (CE 8.0.4):
I have ~1500 pictures in a folder and wanted to show them to somebody quickly without syncing them. After going trough the first couple pictures, I ended up at the first picture again.

What I did:

  • Open the folder in seahub, open the first picture and go trough the pics with the arrow buttons

What happened:

  • I could only view the pictures that were already loaded in the list view trough lazy loading/pagination

What I expected:

  • When I reach the last pic, lazyloading is triggered OR
  • When the file viewer opens, it does not take the file list from the shown list, but loads the full list (with an upper bound if necessary)
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We will check the problem.

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