LDAP and NFS on seafile pro 11 docker

I’m in the process of migrating our seafile pro 9 cluster running on centos to seafile pro 11 running on docker.
LDAP login works, but seafile creates a new user after login, and the users have a new library (My Library) created. They don’t see their old libraries.
In my old version 9 server, the system admin opens the “Users” tab. The table shows the tabs “Database”, “LDAP”, “LDAP (imported)”, and “Admin”.
Under Seafile 9 the “Database” tab only shows the admin user. The “LDAP” tab shows all of the found LDAP users of our LDAP server. The “LDAP (imported)” shows all LDAP users, that have logged in to Seafile.
Under Seafile 11 the “Database” tab shows the admin user and all users that have logged in to Seafile. The “LDAP” tab is empty, and the “LDAP (imported)” tab also shows the users that have logged in.
Another observation is, that users are not found, if a user wants to create a share link.
What am I missing? I’ve read the Seafile manual and created the LDAP configuration in seahub_settings.py. And why do the users not find their old libraries? The NFS filesystem is mounted under /opt/seafile-data/seafile/seafile-data. On the old seafile 9 server it is mounted under /home/seafile/seafile-data.


You may forgot to run the LDAP migrate script.

See more details at: Upgrade notes for 11.0.x - Seafile Admin Manual

LDAPImported table is no longer used in Seafile 11.

Hi Daniel,
thanks for the hint. I only read the “Migrate from non-docker Seafile deployment to docker” page. I will give it another try.

Meanwhile I got it to work. I have one node with seafile pro 10 server running in a docker container. Users can login with their ldap accounts and access their data that is mounted via nfs. Everything looks identical to the old standalone seafile 9 server.

But I still have a problem with the docker firewall. I have to deactivate my nftables before docker comes up. With my firewall enabled, seahub is not accessible. Does anyone have a solution? I’m not that familiar with docker.