LDAPS connection (Ubuntu 20.04)

I almost have the same issue than @andrin here LDAPS fails to contact server (LDAP works) (but not the same OS version)

Can’t make LDAP connection works.

I always have the following error:

    2021-10-04 17:06:51 ../common/user-mgr.c(299): ldap_bind failed for user uid=xxx,cn=users,dc=xxx,dc=fr: Can't contact LDAP server.
    2021-10-04 17:06:51 ../common/user-mgr.c(384): Please check USER_DN and PASSWORD settings.

It is a new Seafile Server using last Seafile server version (8.0.6) on Ubuntu 20.04.
My previous Seafile server (7.0.5) on Debian 8 with the same LDAP parameters works fine.

On Debian 8, I had to move Seafile bundled ldap related libraries like described in the doc (LDAP/AD Integration - Seafile Admin Manual), in my comprehension it isn’t necessary under Ubuntu 20.04 (morevover all files listed doesn’t exist).

Of course I test my LDAP connection with ldap_search (and it’s OK)

What can I do ?
How can I debug ?

Thanks a lot

The best way is to use the Docker version to avoid library compatibility issues. We have tested the docker version a few weeks ago. LDAPS should work.

Thanks, just tried Docker version same problem :cry:

For information my LDAP configuration:

HOST = ldaps://ldap.xxx.fr:636
BASE = cn=users,dc=xxx,dc=fr
USER_DN = uid=xxx,cn=users,dc=xxx,dc=fr
FILTER = memberof=CN=uDrive,CN=groups,DC=xxx,DC=fr

More information :slight_smile:

LDAP is a Synology LDAP

Ldap search command to validate configuration:

ldapsearch -b 'cn=users,dc=xxx,dc=fr' -xH ldaps://xxx:636 -D "uid=xxx,cn=users,dc=xxx,dc=fr" -W

We don’t have a Synology LDAP available. But we will give LDAP a try. Last time, we checked with AD.

Thanks, I think LDAP and Synology LDAP are the same
I think the problem is TLS negotiation, if I can help like make test in debug mode let me know, my Seafile server isn’t in production mode I can brake it :slight_smile: